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The largest pictorial representation of geographical mapping ever made


One hundred and twenty metres long, the Gallery of Maps was completed in 1580. It was commissioned by Pope Gregory XIII and its walls are decorated with thirty-two large maps and eight smaller ones. It is the largest geographical representation ever made, with an incredible abundance of place-names, and is adorned with cityscapes and with grandiose battle-scenes. A cycle of fifty-one “miracle scenes” decorates the magnificent ceiling. This is a quite extraordinary decorative ensemble, here shown in all its detail for the first time.

Texts by A. Chiggiato, R. Ferri, C. Franzoni, L. Gambi, P. Liverani, M. Milanesi, A. Pinelli, F. Prontera, P. Sereno.

Photographs by A. Angeli e D. Pivato.

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Le ragioni del ciclo delle carte geografiche

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Le carte geografiche

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Le anfore e le erme

pag. 385

La volta

pag. 407



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