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The marbles, the mosaics and the bronzes of the Florentine Renaissance


The Baptistery of San Giovanni is not only one of the most magnificent monuments in all Italy, but also a splendid anthology of great Florentine art in marble and stone, in mosaic and bronze, and the emblem of the religious and political ideals of Florence. Specially-taken photographs of superlative quality reveal the splendour of the Baptistery in its entirety and its details: the majestic sequence of arches and polychrome marbles, the astonishing mosaics, the famous bronze doors, the normally-invisible details in the women’s gallery upstairs. An absolutely extraordinary and unique spectacle.

Texts by C. R. Chiarlo, A. M. Giusti, P. Guarducci, I. Hueck, S. Lomartire, G. Morolli, E. Neri Lusanna, S. Panciera, A. Paolucci, F. Salvi, M. Tavoni, T. Verdon.

Photographs by M. Falsini, M. Ronchetti e P. Tosi.

Timothy Verdon

Il Battistero di San Giovanni: un monumento religioso al servizio della città

The Baptistery of San Giovanni: a Religious Monument Serving the City

pag. 9

Gabriele Morolli

L'architettura del Battistero e "l'ordine buono antico"

The architecture of the baptistery and the " good antique style"

pag. 33

Federica Salvi

Gli elementi architettonici del Battistero: capitelli, basi e trabeazioni

Architectural elemnts of the baptistery: capitals, bases and entablatures

pag. 133

Antonio Paolucci

Le sculture

The sculptures

pag. 143

Enrica Neri Lusanna

L'antico arredo presbiteriale e il fonte del Battistero

Vestigia e ipotesi

The original arrangement of the presbytery and the baptismal font.

Theories surronding te remains

pag. 189

Mirko Tavoni

Sul fonte battesimale di Dante

On Dante's baptismal font

pag. 205

Irene Huek

Il programma dei mosaici

The mosaic programme

pag. 229

Anna Maria Giusti

I mosaici della scarsella

The chancel Mosaic

pag. 265

Anna Maria Giusti

I mosaici della cupola

The Vault mosaics

pag. 281

Anna Maria Giusti

I mosaici dei coretti, dei parapetti del matroneo, e del tamburo della cupola

The mosaics of the gallery tribunes and parapets, and on the drum of the vault

pag. 343

Anna Maria Giusti

Le pitture parietali del matroneo

the wall painting of the Gallery

Pag. 363

Anna Maria Giusti

Il pavimento del Battistero

The baptistery pavement

pag. 373

Antonio Paolucci

I restauri del patrimonio storico-artistico

Ristorations of the historical and artistic legacy

pag. 395

Schede / Notes

pag. 398

Bibliografia / Bibliography

pag. 563

Indice dei nomi e dei luoghi / index of names and places

pag. 573

Photographic Atlas
Perspective Section

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