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Mirabilia Italiæ is a series unique in the world. It owes its existence to an innovative and ambitious project: an Atlas of the great monuments of Italy that will display them in all their details, from the best known to the least. This series represents a completely new way of documenting art. Mirabilia Italiæ provides a guided tour of each monument, fully and accurately explained. Each Atlas contains hundreds of colour photographs, arranged in a precise topographical sequence and accompanied by diagrams showing the exact location of each detail. The Atlas is complemented by a volume of Texts edited by the premier scholars in the field, consisting of critical essays and of descriptive notes. Essays examine the monument from the art-historical point of view, and record the alterations it has undergone over time. Descriptive notes analyse the content and significance of the images. Extensive cross-references link the essays and notes to the images, facilitating consultation of the work. The General Editor of Mirabilia Italiæ is Salvatore Settis, Director of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa.


Splendid photographs allow you to admire the monument in its entirety Every title of the series Mirabilia Italiæ comprises two volumes, often subdivided into tomes. The first volume is the photographic Atlas, compiled according to rigorous documentary and topographic criteria. Each Atlas contains several hundred colour images that show the monument in its entirety. No detail is overlooked, even the areas most difficult to photograph, so that the whole monument becomes visible from every point of view.

Essays by the foremost experts help you to compare and to understand Each Mirabilia also has a second volume of Texts (Essays and Notes explaining the images). In it the text becomes a splendid “illustration” to the photographs, which it faithfully mirrors. The “visitors’ route” around the monument, in topographic sequence, presented with great clarity to the reader.

The descriptive notes analyse the contents and significance of the images Each title is accompanied by specially written historico-critical Notes which describe in depth the significance of each image reproduced in the Mirabilia.

Diagrams identify the exact part of the monument illustrated Dotting the pages of the photographic Atlas are helpful diagrams that place each image in its context.

The captions supply a number for each image, linking photograph and text The images are all numbered progressively so that it is easy to find the appropriate passage in the volume of Texts.

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