The photographic campaigns

Photographic campaigns that are completely new and often strenuous 01Each volume of Mirabilia Italiæ offers the reader an exhaustive and detailed photographic documentation. The Atlas is a carefully planned guide to the monument, inspired by rigorously objective criteria and designed so as to illustrate completely, both overall and in detail, all the works which in the course of time have been located inside or outside the building: architectural forms and volumes, frescoed surfaces, paintings and sculptures, fixed and moveable furnishings, pavements and mosaics. The photographic campaigns of Mirabilia Italiæ thus pose a double challenge to the photographers: they must sacrifice personal interpretation in favour of a meticulous frontal approach to the subject, and they must take care to document even the most hidden and inaccessible details, those which the reader would never have expected to find.


A unique patrimony 02Using complex equipment and hair-raising scaffolding, the photographers of Mirabilia Italiæ have exerted themselves to the utmost in order to supply the reader with the widest and most complete documentation possible, putting their technique, talent and even physical courage at the disposal of the series and of the Italian national patrimony. For each monument an average of 2000 new photographs are taken, which in their entirety comprise a valuable repertory of images and a useful instrument for the conservation of the monument. After the earthquake that damaged the Basilica di San Francesco in Assisi, for example, it was the pictures taken by our photographer shortly before the disaster that made possible the reconstruction of the lost frescoes.


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