The experts

The extremely high quality of the texts and the images, and the originality of the publishing formula, made possible by the enthusiasm and commitment of Franco Cosimo Panini, have gained the unanimous plaudits of the world of scholarship, as well as the praise of the President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and of the great art historian Federico Zeri, who on the occasion of the publication of the volume on the Baptistery of San Giovanni said: “This book is a unique episode in the history of publishing”.


Prestigious authors Such significant recognition has accrued to the series thanks to the scholarly contribution of the world’s leading experts, chosen as editors of the volumes by Salvatore Settis, head of the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa, from among the faculty of the foremost Italian and foreign universities.


In addition to the editors, dozens and dozens of experts from all over the world have collaborated, each in his or her own field of scholarly competence, on the Essays and the Notes. Each volume of  Mirabilia Italiæ requires years of laborious preparation and of patient work on the critical, scholarly and philological apparati, making the series the most impressive and complete textual and iconographic contribution ever devoted to the artistic and monumental patrimony of Italy. The presentation of each volume to the public, which generally takes place inside the monument to which the volume is devoted, is a spectacular event in its own right.

An occasion for celebration and reflection, bringing together authors, collaborators, journalists, members of the academic community, civic and religious dignitaries.

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