The printing

Shading of tone, gradation of hue, even the fingerprints left on the parchment by readers in past centuries: nothing is overlooked, so that the matrices may correspond perfectly, in their infinite gradations of colour and chiaroscuro, to the palette and the imagination of the great artist-craftsmen who created the illuminated manuscripts.

Special attention is paid to the treatment of the areas decorated with powdered gold. In the laborious process of creating the facsimiles, these decorations are in fact particularly challenging both for the colourist, who must refer continually to the original manuscript to check the accuracy of the various applications of gold, and for the printer, who for powdered gold (which the miniaturists applied with a brush, obtaining a particular effect of relief) makes use of serigraphic printing and special inks, to achieve the correct tactile results of thickness and consistency in the decoration and the vignettes.

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