Preparation for the press

For all the volumes in the series “The Impossible Library” the facsimile reproduction derives from a combination of the most sophisticated image-elaboration technology with the most traditional craftsman’s techniques, so as to recreate by the most modern methods all the magic of the original.

The publisher has selected a special paper, capable of simulating perfectly the effect and texture of parchment. This choice was determined by the need to combine the greatest possible chromatic, tactile and “physical” fidelity with the best possible characteristics of durability and resistance.  In this way it has been made possible to avoid, even in the case of frequent and prolonged consultation, that fragility which in past centuries has rendered precarious not only consultation but the physical survival of the original. In a climate-controlled and shaded room, in correct lighting conditions, the manuscript is photographed with the particular combination of equipment, lenses and plates most suited to the individual codex.

The photographic plates are then passed to the layout technicians, who carry out the electronic separation of the colours that will be recomposed during the printing phase. The colour proofs are compared with page by page with the original do that the necessary adjustments may be made.   Gold is applied in powder or leaf form. The pages are individually punch-cut so that the irregular edges are recreated.

Controllo-qualita-small Checking the image quality prestampasmall Pre-printing checks

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