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Panini have been in the book-publishing business since 1978, when Edizioni Panini di Modena, already well-established as publishers of children’s stickers, issued their first title: the renaissance ‘Chronicle of the City of Modena’. The company’s present constitution dates from 1989, when the Panini brothers sold their Group and the youngest of them, Franco Cosimo Panini, decided to continue on his own as a publisher. Panini’s current list, the result of more than two decades of activity, concentrates on four main areas: art history, archaeology, the humanities, and local history. This choice was determined by aspirations to the highest standards of quality and scholarly accuracy. Recently, Panini have concentrated on facsimile editions of superlative illuminated manuscripts and on the series “Mirabilia Italiae”, but other important titles have been added to the list, which now comprises over 200 works in some fifteen separate series. Among the latter are the series planned in collaboration with the Institute of Renaissance Studies of Ferrara, those devoted to the art of the Estensi and to the artistic patrimony of Modena, and the ones dealing with archaeology, art and architecture, and Great Works. The series devoted to the art of manuscript illumination is unique of its kind.

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